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Being a home user, you may often come across I.T issues. Our technicians are a click or call away from remotely helping you with your I.T issues. Let us assist you, from the comfort of your own home. This is why we will recommend Remote-I.T Support to be the best option for you. This option provides you with unlimited remote support for your end-users, covering your computers, servers and network.

You can get in touch with our Internal Service Desk team by telephone, email or chat application as often as you like. Our technicians are fully qualified and have excellent customer services skills to ensure you’re back up to speed as quickly as possible.


We offer both weekly and monthly scheduled site visits. For companies who require us to act as their I.T department, we are able to supply a technical engineer on-site at all times.


Have your equipment connected and configured the right way. From hardware to software, we will ensure the installation process is hassle free. Setting up and/or managing your I.T infrastructure can be one less worry for you.


From a damaged laptop screen to a faulty hard drive, we specialise in repairing these devices. Save money and memories now.

Common issue we fix:

Mac and Windows slowness

Virus detection and removal

Software related issues

Liquid damage to your laptop

Random blue screen error messages

Smashed, cracked or damaged screen

Broken or worn plastics & metal casings

GPU failure, laptop display is corrupt & distorted

Laptop dc charging socket & USB socket replacement.


Our cloud services gives you the power to collaborate using the internet and intranet within your office to make your business more efficient.

For many people, Cloud terminology can be unnecessarily complicated and full of terms that basically mean the same thing, making it difficult to know what’s actually available, how it works, or how it will help you in your business. We provide services to organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to larger companies. We make every effort to explain technology at the level you’re most comfortable with.

Cloud services that we offer range from cloud emails; servers; Office 365; backups and storage.

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Stuck with a complicated I.T issue? Or are you looking for an innovative step forward in the technology sector? Let us help.

Our technical consultants will be with you every step of the way. For most companies, I.T is recognised as a critical and strategic component of their organisation, necessary for successful operation, something that the business cannot live without. 

We offer a cost-effective strategic consultancy service, going beyond technical and engineering resources. Offering everything needed to form the platform for high growth, with strategic I.T planning and development.