As drones have become more affordable, the creative uses have expanded in many ways. Vloggers are creating artistic aerial shots using drone cameras and companies are now finding ways to utilise drone systems in their business.

The most prominent use of drones in a retail capacity is Amazon's new delivery system, Amazon Prime Air, that utilises drones to deliver products to customers within 30 minutes. The initiative is still in the testing phase and only a few private customers are able to use the service.

Customers place their order and then roll out a 'landing pad' mat so the drone can identify where to land. As expected, this service seems ideal for someone who owns their own back yard but customers living in flats will struggle to easily receive deliveries.

Time will tell just how viable this new service will be and how Amazon will tackle the logistical difficulties that are still present but it's an exciting prospect that such quick delivery options may become accessible and mainstream in the near future.