Dementia is an illness that can rob an individual of their life and personality, slowly erasing memories from their mind at an agonising pace. The individual can also experience changes in mood and behaviour which can be difficult for carers to predict.

TribeMix, a company that works works as a social media marketing agency, has recently teamed up with care home group, Quantum Care, to produce relaxing virtual reality scenarios in a bid to provide relaxation and comfort for Dementia patients.

By using the Abbey Pain system, TribeMix found a noticeable positive change in the well-being of patients. The process isn't as simple as placing a headset on patients and leaving them to relax. Dementia can cause mood swings and lead to unpredictable behaviour so patients aren't always willing to co-operate. As such, a careful process has been developed to ensure the comfort of the patient.

It's great to see new technology like VR already being used in ways that branch off from the predictable. Stories like this expand the potential uses for VR and pave the way for new innovations in VR use.

If you wish to learn more about TribeMix and their Dementia VR project, follow the link here.

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