Everyone can benefit from a faster computer and nobody wants to be waiting around for unnecessarily long loading times. That's why our professionals at Dream I.T LDN recommend using a Solid State Drive or SSD to add a little kick to your computer. 

Traditional Hard Drives or HDD utilise a spinning disc mechanic to save data however, Solid State Drives use a static chip form to record data. This has multiple benefits over traditional drives, with speed being the most prominent. Solid State Drives are also more durable and can better withstand impact from falls and knocks. This means less chance of damage to the drive itself.

While the benefits of Solid State Drives are very obvious, they do have some limitations to consider. At the moment, Solid State Drives are much more expensive than other forms of storage, especially at larger capacities. While smaller storage capacities are more affordable, larger capacities aren't viable for general use.

If you feel like your computer could do with a boost, try installing an SSD. Even a 250GB capacity for your operating system to be installed on will provide a noticeable improvement to load times. As always, the Dream I.T LDN team are happy to consult you on your computer speeds and offer a tailored service to suit your needs.

Image Source: https://goo.gl/ZQS9hx