We all want a safer and more pleasant browsing experience when we finally have the time to relax, shopping online, watching videos of cats and stalking our Facebook ‘friends’. Unfortunately, while many companies have good intentions and respect the people who will view their adverts, some adverts can be highly invasive and the most nefarious can also try to infect your computer with dangerous software. This is where Ad Block software comes in.

The most popular software available is Ad Block Plus. It is available as an extension for most browsers and is very simple to install and set up. Once installed, you simply select filter lists that will block out most adverts on any website and you’re good to go. While ad blocking software can be controversial among content creators and streamers who make their money through advertisements, it’s a simple way to ensure you can safely browse the internet without risking any unfortunate clicks.

At Dream I.T LDN, we offer support for all computer related issues including viruses, malware and so on. With our support we can help to efficiently remove these programmes from your computer so that your system is back to running smoothly. We can also offer advice and tips to ensure your system is protected from any future attacks. Simply book a consultation with us and we'll be happy to address any issues you may have.

image source: https://goo.gl/NJZM3y